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"Mind" – you're own business!

Our mind. Wow what a subject that is!

Such a precious thing, such a dangerous thing! Without it we are just vegetables, with it we can turn ourselves into vegetables!

Thoughts should just come and go and yet that doesn’t happen does it? We prefer to hang on to them like they’re ours and as such should remain with us. Then, once captured and imprisoned in our minds, we turn them over and over like a snowball, ever getting bigger, everbecoming our obsession. Take a snowball away from a kid and they’ll just make another but, woe betide someone who tries to take away one they’ve just spent 20 minutes rolling and rolling into the huge, magnificent, unique snowball the size of a house; oh no! you’re not getting that snowball, that snowball belongs to them! You see, that’s no longer a load of snow rolled into a shape. No that’s something which is unique and has been crafted by them. You can’t take it away and you could never roll one as good – hands off! And anyway, they haven’t finished with it yet, they’re gonna roll it some more and stick things on it to make it even more interesting – you, you go and get your own snowball.

Well I don’t know about you, but my mind can roll with the best of them – indefatigably “creating” things out of nothing; intellectualising every little thing until it no longer resembles what is was in the first place.

How then, can we stop this “fabricating”? Well, the zafu is a good place to start, a calm oasis where we can begin to allow all things to become as they really are. Sitting and allowing the turmoil in our minds to calm down will eventually re-train our minds to return to their original self and consequently, “we” also return. “But that’s when all my bad thoughts come to the front” you say, “Thats when I hear them the most!” Well don’t let that put you off – keep going to the zafu, let those thoughts come and come BUT keep letting them go and go, eventually you’ll wear them down not them, you!

– seiun hosei joza 晴 雲 法 声


If English were like Math

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