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Where can I find someone who has forgotten words…?

my favourite story:

The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you’ve got the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you’ve got the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of their meaning. Once you’ve got the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find someone who has forgotten words so I can talk with him or her? Chuang

So many people I know are preoccupied with proving that they said, or thought of, something first! “they’ve stollen my idea!” a colleague said; “They copied our name and even moved into the same neighbourhood as us just to steal our clients!” said another. “It was our idea to paint the walls….” – well you get the picture so I won’t go on because go on I could; I have many examples of this, but I’m sure you do too.

Here in Geneva we even have an entire, and ever expanding, building dedicated to recording “who” thought of “what” first! Not inventions, oh no that’s another huge building, “thoughts”, yes that’s right, intellectual property – almost an oxymoron don’t you think!

So back to my acquaintances and their intellectually acquired property. Some of them are Buddhists and, as such, know about the teachings of non-attachment (and some even TEACH non-attachment!). They harp on constantly about how someone down the road stole their idea or their followers! Don’t know about you but that sounds like attachment to me!

Thinking for money

“But!” I hear you (and them) cry “Our ideas belong to us!” – Well that’s just plain rubbish, isn’t it?
World population 6’810’400’000, number of thoughts per person per day 60’000! You do the math! So what we’re saying is, that in all of these billions of thoughts every day, there are never 2 the same (or at least very similar)? That’s a toughie but OK let’s go with that. So, my “thought” was unique and now it seems that someone stole it. OK what next? Well of course I could take them to court for thought theft (say 5 times rapidly and a rabbit appears)! But hey wait, aren’t all thoughts only illusion? Aren’t they all devices of Mara to trick us into renouncing realization? “No!” someone cried, “They’re a way to make money!”

Aaah! there’s the crux of it – thoughts are a way to make money; good for you, you’ve hit on a good one there. So, off you go, enjoy yourself, fill your time proving to others that you and only you had the good thoughts.

Copy that, copy cat

If I have an idea and put it into practice and then someone copies it, I don’t care! Why? Well, firstly because if an idea of mine benefits someone else, that’s a good thing; I can’t imprison my ideas and thoughts and in fact, I’ve spent the last 40 years trying to set them free by sitting on a little black cushion. Secondly I don’t mind because there is another one on it’s way right behind that one. Thoughts are like books for me; we read them and then stack them on a shelf, piling them up over years until we can hardly enter the room. No! Pass them on to someone else who can read them and enjoy them; maybe even learn something from them! Fill the empty place on your nightstand with a new one until you’ve done with it and then pass that one on also.

Someone, many someones, make(s) a lot of money thanks to your thoughts! Not because the thought benefits them directly but because you want to prove ownership and so they charge you to do that! So what if someone copies you, your ideas,

You can’t capture clouds; you and your thoughts are not unique! Help benefit others who didn’t get that idea or thought, move on to new things, let them pass, let go, stop attaching to things, become the Buddha you are.

晴 雲 法 声 seiun hosei _/|\_

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