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Berlin – day 3

Definitely looking up!

Started the day with a trip back to the airport to pick up my wallet – so 0730 we were in a taxi, crawling along the Berlin streets because the temperature had dropped to minus 15!!! Anyway, all was well, we were greeted by a women at Lost & Found who I’m sure has done time! She barked her  questions & instructions at me but I was not perturbed – oh no! All was well, she had my wallet. All I needed to do, she said, was give her a piece of id. Erm! They’re all IN the wallet you have, I replied meekly. May I show you where they are ? I asked, only to be given a look that would stop a bull in its tracks. She eventually acquiesced and we were on our way – wallet in hand. The number on her epaulette was SS-1963

These Berliners are big aren’t they?

Next order of the day was a little facial at the esthetician’s in the hotel.

I arrived early and was told that I was early and that I would wait! Yes, that’s right, “told”. So, wait I did. The facial consisted of me being; teased, tweaked, tweezed, tonsured, scraped, pulled, poked, pitted, pressed, squeezed, popped, steamed, oiled, snipped, sanded, and pummeled! I complimented her on the quality of the peeling agent she was using on my face only to be told that she wasn’t using one and that that was her hands!

After, ten years younger, I went for a short walk to the nearby shopping centre where I was torn by this amazing choice of fine pullovers in a shop window.

How could a person choose only ONE?

Finally the day drew to an end with a full body massage by Christian. 1m 90, blond, arian and of firm hand, Christian left me in no doubt that 1; he was in charge, 2; my body is completely f*%kd, and 3; I need to come back another time for him to finish the job of putting my bones and muscles back where they’re supposed to be.

Why do masseurs think that the sound of the same 5 notes on a harp repeated on a loop for 60 minutes with some manic looney improvising flute notes and random non-descript birdsong will relax their customers? I wanted to rip the speakers out of the ceiling and shove the flute where the flautist would have to be very flexible in order to continue playing! But no, I relaxed and an hour later, feeling like none of my joints were attached to each other any more, I hobbled back to my room.



Berlin – day 2

this guy pointing at?

Well, he’s pointing at the dome of
the Sony Centre (below) because although my crappy photo doesn’t
show it, there’s a guy tied to a rope on the roof brushing the snow
off! Yeah! That’s right, he’s up there walking on a glass roof with
nothing but a bit of rope and a big brush!!!

Anyway, outside it’s looking a little less “white”!

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