March QUIZZ – win a ForMentis pen* !


Well done Valérie !

The QUIZZ for March

please tell me what this sign says in “real” English ?

This is Cockney Rhyming Slang and all of the expressions are to do with money!

*The first correct answer wins a pen!

♤  ♧  ♡  ♢

Here is an example of Cockney Rhyming Slang as it would be used between two people from east London:

“Allo me old china – wot say we pop round the Jack. I’ll stand you a pig and you can rabbit on about your teapots. We can ‘ave some loop and tommy and be off before the dickory hits twelve.”


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  1. Damien Hermier

    Please note
    slang language from east london is spoken here
    We accept:
    Naked ladies, real men, pounds, pennies, bills and crédit cards


  2. We accept:
    £5, £500, £25, 20p or 50p, £3 or £30 or £300 and credit cards


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